DIY Dry Shampoo! + Prodct Review

I thought it would be fun to share some of my observations with you all on some standard dry shampoos versus a very simple DIY one that I read about a few months back! First, let’s review a product.

Dove's dry shampoo.

Dove’s dry shampoo.

I’ve used various Dove products in the past with both good and bad results depending on the type. I absolutely love their moisturizing body was (especially the blue fig and orange blossom one!), so I figured I’d give this a shot. Frankly, I am disappointed, but my roommate had the greatest results with it! I’m baffled. I myself have very thick hair with a lot of oil, and when I applied this to my hair 24h after I showered, visually, it was better. It looked good enough that I could go to my job interview without having to wash it again. But as far as the texture goes, my hair felt heavier than before I applied it, it felt greasy and chalky to the touch, and the perfume! Oh dear, the perfume! With the amount I had to spray on my hair to get a satisfying result, the entire apartment was like a toxic wastefield! I had the windows open for a good half hour to get rid of it all.

On the other hand, my roommate has very thin, very straight hair that doesn’t look greasy for at least 3 days. She ended up being the one to use this product until it was completely empty. On her hair, it took very little spraying to get a good visual result and considering she kept touching her hair, I would say it probably felt nice, too. She loved the smell, and that’s probably because she had to use so little. On my hair, I get a better result from flipping my hair upside-down, spraying it with volumizing hairspray, brushing it out, then fluffing a little. And this isn’t the first dry shampoo I’ve used, oh no! Let’s look at one I used while I was in university last year!

Trèsemmé dry shampoo.

Trèsemmé dry shampoo.

*sigh* This product gives me mixed feelings. I bought it because I hated having to wake up at 6am so I could shower and make it to my morning studio class on time, and one of my profs recommended it. Visually, I like the effects of this one better than Dove’s. The texture is marginally better, too, and it took less. The smell is a little more citrus-y, so when I sprayed a lot it wasn’t quite so brutal on my nose. On the other hand, my hair felt even heavier than when I used the Dove product. And this one required a lot more shaking, otherwise I would only get slightly damp air from the nozzle. I had to shake it after every two spritzes. I wouldn’t buy it again, and the same with Dove’s dry shampoo, uh uh. I’d recommend it if you have thin hair, or very short hair, because when my hair is very short, both of these work great.

Now for my super easy DIY dry shampoo!

I stumbled across this solution on Pinterest and I was skeptical. If it was really this easy, why are we all wasting our money on dry shampoos like this? This dry shampoo is as simple as straight baking soda, and I kid you not. If you have corn starch, mixing equal parts of these works even better, but I didn’t have any so I tried just baking soda.

Sprinkle either the mixture or the straight baking soda into one palm, rub it on both your hands, then rub your hands through your hair. Repeat this until you have gotten some on all of your hair, give it a little shake, comb/brush it out and see how you like it. Depending on how greasy your hair was when you started, you might have to give it a second go. I usually do two or three run-throughs of the baking soda just so I’m thorough. When I’m done, my hair is light, it feels considerably better than when I use dry shampoo, and it looks fresh. Any smell that might have been on my hair before is completely gone. When I’m satisfied with the look, I spray a little bit of a light hairspray (I’m a fan of Garnier Bamboo hairspray for this), and I’m good to go! Plus, that way my hair has a nice light scent to it.

Now, just so you know, if you scratch your head you will end up with baking soda under your nails. When you brush out your hair, just take a quick peek all over that there’s not a spot that you missed that still has baking soda on it. Fluffing it with your fingers is usually enough to get rid of it.


Product Review – L’Oréal Miracle Blur

I have to say, I went into trying this skeptical. I saw the commercial and thought “that’s ridiculous. Nothing that blurs your pores and whatnot is going to feel good.” And do you know what? I was right.

My mother bought a tube of this just to try it, and she wasn’t too impressed. So, I gave it a try. I showered, washed my face as usual, and then applied this when I was done. The feeling is absolutely peculiar; it feels both chalky and greasy at the same time. I figured I’d let it absorb for a couple of hours and then do my makeup before going to work. Well, a few hours passed and the product still hadn’t absorbed into my skin. I applied my foundation and makeup as usual, and it all smudged off like I’d run a marathon just before doing it.

L'Oreal Miracle Blur

L’Oréal Miracle Blur


Don’t get me wrong, it actually did blur imperfections. I have many red marks and scars on my face, a couple of wrinkles here and there, and some rather large pores in places. The product did blur or get rid of them completely, but I couldn’t get over the heavy, greasy feeling. I wound up grabbing a napkin and rubbing off all my makeup during my shift because it felt so gross.


Overall, it worked like they promised (the exclusion being that you can’t feel it). My skin did look brighter and smoother after I applied it, but I could get the same effect from concealer and two coats of foundation, with a much lighter and cleaner feeling. My opinion: don’t waste your money on this product unless you can handle the weight, grease and chalk on your skin. It didn’t clog my pores; my skin looked no worse the next day, so that wasn’t a problem.


2.5/5 for me.

Product Review – Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

I started using this product about a month ago. I bought it so I could stop using conditioner on my hair, since it leaves my hair feeling heavy, flat and rather oily.

Fructis Triple Nutrition Detangling Double Care Treatment

Fructis Triple Nutrition Detangling Double Care Treatment

I went through my usual shower routine, skipping conditioner, and towel dried my hair when I got out. Following the instructions on the back of the bottle, I simply shook the mixture together, sprayed over my hair (three squirts was enough for me) and passed a comb through it.

And boy, do I mean passed.

My hair is tangly, wavy, and overall annoying. I usually have to tug knots out with a comb or a brush after a shower, even when I used a deep conditioner. But three sprays of this product made my hair smooth and tangle free! I was very impressed.

Then, the moment of truth. I let my hair air dry (this product was appealing because I didn’t have to blow dry to activate) and examined it thoroughly. While most oils and deep conditioners leave my hair looking greasy at the roots, or rather flat, or greasy to the touch, this one absorbed right in and made my hair smooth and shiny. Flyaways were mostly tamed, there was a distinct shine that wasn’t there the last time I had showered.

I’ve used this product every time I get out of the shower since then, and I have only used conditioner once when I coloured my hair again. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results. As someone with greasy, problematic hair, I’m pleased to report that I can now wash it every other day without it looking flat and gross! My hair is healthier and much easier to manage.

My rating would have to be 4.5/5

  • No blow drying needed
  • Not greasy
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Long-lasting