I’m back! Please forgive me!

Hey everyone!

I was shocked by the number of hits the blog has gotten since I’ve been away! I know it was sudden but everything’s gone to terrible lately in my life. I moved suddenly in September after being pressured by my friend, and since then we’ve been struggling with money, bills, rent and all that jazz. I didn’t have internet access for a long time that was regular, and once I did, I was so drained I couldn’t even be bothered to take care of myself and I felt like I shouldn’t even check the site. I cut ALL of my hair off at the end of the summer in a fit of frustration. It was barely an inch all over (sadface!)

I had a job for a while at The Body Shop, though I was only seasonal, so come January I was unemployed. I have signed up for welfare and I am waiting for the beginning of March to roll in so I can start my new position with The Body Shop at a new location. I really love working there and I love the products so much. You’re going to be getting some new reviews from me about their products! I also have some new goals, new diy remedies, and some facts to benefit your natural beauty that I can’t wait to share with you all! I’m going to work on a few more posts right after this one, and I really hope you all enjoy them! It’s time to get serious with this blogging.