New Hair Goal!

So as you might have read, I went a little crazy and cut all of my hair off in a fit of frustration. No amount of regular trimming, vitamins, healthy foods or water could stop the ends from getting horribly dry due to all of the stress I was feeling from work.


A few days after I cut it all off and coloured it red.

So here we are now on the first day of February and I’ve managed to not freak out and cut all my hair off again (yes!) but I admit, I do need a trim desperately. I did some research and found a haircut for hair my length that will let it grow out at a nice rate so it won’t look stupid (like it does now) as it gets longer and longer. Once I have some money, I’m going to get it it done. Here’s what it looks like right now!


Me, right now! I usually clip the back up so it’s out of the way. It’s all the same length.

It’s been tough to deal with but my boyfriend and all of his friends agree that I would look really nice with long hair, and I’m determined to try. I am getting pretty bored with short hair; I want to have curls, buns, ponytails, sloppy up-dos and so on. Oh gosh, I’m turning into a girl! Hahaha. Well, I’m going to give you all some reviews on the products I’ve been using on my hair and on my face over the next few days. On my hair I’ve been using a combination of Garnier Citrus and Mint shampoo and conditioner (it’s my roommate’s, she doesn’t like the smell and wants to get through it quickly) and Rainforest Moisture shampoo from The Body Shop. I use the citrus mint shampoo first to tackle the serious oil in my hair, then the Rainforest Moisture, then the conditioner. I like the combo, it leaves my hair feeling fresh and light, and not dry like it used to! But, more on that in the reviews!